Blank canvas is a skin clinic specialising in the safe removal of tattoos on the body and permanent cosmetics on the face using laser. With a professional approach at all times, I provide a friendly confidential service in a hygienic environment where you can receive a wide range of skin and body treatments. The clinic is fully insured and checked by local authorities. All treatments are carried out after a thorough consultation. Following this, a treatment plan or individual treatment will be decided and all costs will be discussed prior to commencement of a procedure.
Qualified for nearly 30 years in the skin and body care industry, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience and continue to update my skills and training. My career has taken me from working in salons and spas to teaching in Further Edcucation colleges and the private sector specialising in Anatomy & Physiology. I trained as a laser operator with the award winning educator Lorena Oberg on Harley Street who still supports me in my chosen specialism. My main aim is to look after the skin and carry out safe treatments in a friendly relaxed environment.

Tattoo Removal




Is removal painful?

Clients describe it as elastic bands being constantly flicked at the skin, not the most comfortable sensation but treatment is quick on small tattoos and on larger tattoos the skin starts to tolerate the discomfort. I don’t recommend the use of numbing creams for various reasons which can be discussed at consultation.

How many sessions will it take for complete removal?

This all depends on the depth and concentration of the ink, age of the tattoo (older the better), the health of the client, location of tattoo, skin condition and colour of ink. Complete removal could take between 8-15 sessions.

How often can I have treatment?

Ideally sessions should be every 6-8 weeks, giving the skin chance to heal, this way there is less chance of scarring, it also gives the body time to break down ink particles. The longer you leave in between sessions the better as the body will still continue dispersing the ink into the immune system. When the tattoo becomes really faded I recommend clients leave a few months in between sessions.

How long does it take?

The first time you visit takes about half an hour for the consultation, after that treatment takes anything from 5 minutes for smaller tattoos to 20 minutes for larger tattoos. Very large or multiple tattoos I normally split and treat in separate sessions the skin will struggle to tolerate too much heat in one session and the body may not cope so well with so much ink being broken down at once, it also makes homecare more manageable.

What can I expect after treatment?

Immediately afterwards skin can feel hot, tender, look red and swollen. Aloe vera gel is recommended at this stage. Over the next few days skin can feel sore, blistering and scabbing is not uncommon. Strict aftercare must be followed to give the skin the best possible change of healing without complication.

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