Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are permanent because the ink particles are encapsulated in collagen in the second layer of the skin, the Dermis. The ink particles are too large for the body to dispose of. I use a Q switched ND:YAG laser which is gentle enough to use on the face but powerful enough to break down these particles. The machine emits pulses of light into the ink, breaking it down into small molecules. The body is then able to dispose of these smaller molecules through the body’s defence system.
Consultation is free and you’re under no obligation book a treatment. We discuss how much each treatment will cost and approximately how many treatments you may need depending on whether it’s a full removal or a reduction for a cover up. If you wish to have treatment I will then do an in-depth assessment of your skin, health and tattoo, prior to performing a patch test. After each treatment I provide healing balm and aftercare instructions for you to follow whilst at home.